Who is Janet Richey?

And How Does She Know About This Stuff?

I know what it feels like to go from average and ordinary to amazing and motivated. Through my own share of successes and failures, I’ve learned a lot of great ways to become a success superhero while living a life of joy.

After much prayer, reading great books, and asking others for their best advice, I hired myself a personal life coach. My life was quickly changed for the better. Having people I highly respect there to encourage me was like being thrown a lifeline. I was so energized that I spent two years training to become a coach myself. I’ve now provided over 550 hours of coaching for my clients and I love my job!

My Goals For You Are Simple

–Claim responsibility for yourself and your own challenges. Doing this will set you free.
–Guide you in ways to get a handle on your personal challenges.
–Provide tools that assist you in resourcefully managing your body and health.
–Teach ways that you can enjoy fulfilling and loving relationships.
–Support you in discovering your own potential.

The bottom line is that this is about you choosing to take charge of you — for the rest of your life.

It’s your turn to to create personal victories every single day.

Begin Today

What Else Do People Say About Me?

My children say things like “amazing listener, problem-solver, no-nonsense kind of mom, sensitive, empathetic, passionate and energetic.” That’s a great feeling!

Here’s what my clients say:

““I knew that SHE CARED about my well being. She often spent extra time helping me to overcome challenges I faced. She patiently listened and empowered me to take action for myself to become better.” ~Jared, CA

“She helped me recognize my inner core strengths and overcome many of my perceived weaknesses. She helped me bring out the real person that had been locked inside of me.” ~Bill, CA

“Janet knows her craft extremely well. She has an uncanny insight into what makes people tick. She really knows how to help others reach their true potential.” ~ Mark, CA

“Janet is an EXCEPTIONAL Personal Development Coach. In receiving her services, I successfully transitioned through two careers and a dating relationship, in which her coaching support was instrumental.” ~ Amy, AZ

Begin Today to Create and Celebrate Your Own Successes