Who is Janet Richey?

And How Does She Know About This Stuff?

Although I’ve learned a lot through sheer drive and willpower, I’m also a former victim of my circumstances with my share of bloopers.

— Seeing a picture of myself with 30 extra pounds of baby-fat and my 5-year-old child standing next to me, not a baby anymore.
— Living on dental school loans and coming away with my PHT degree (Put Hubby Through).
— Feeling unloved, and escaping to my room… again.
— Managing five children’s schedules, but not my own.
— Feeling out of control as I watched my husband’s dissatisfaction, even though we had built a successful business, lived in a beautiful house, and looked like we had it all together.

The reality is that I had everything I needed. I just didn’t know how to access my hidden power.

I didn’t want to feel average and ordinary so I started seeking answers. How can I change? How can things be different? Soon I hired myself a coach, a great coach and my journey began.

My Goals Were Simple

— Be responsible for me and my challenges
— Get out of debt & handle my budget
— Manage my body & my health
— Enjoy my relationships

Sure, I could sit back and watch others look like they have it made.

However, sitting on the sidelines, comparing myself to them, didn’t bring an ounce of personal satisfaction. I wanted be in charge of my future!

I decided to share what I’ve learned, my successes and failures, and be a support to people like you.

Why I Help People Become Their Own Superheroes

I have dedicated my whole life to helping people achieve higher levels of success. I’ve pushed and pulled until I discovered that all I need is to be is a better me than I was last year. Modeling the behavior I’d like to see in others is much more empowering.

You know — that refreshing feeling of “Ohhhh, I can do this!” with a sense of a new dawning.

When others discover a new talent, it’s like watching a baby take their first steps. Yes, they learn to walk, and I get to celebrate with them.

The bottom line is that this is about you choosing to take charge of you — for the rest of your life. I’m here to cheer you on to the next level.

It’s your turn to to create personal victories every day.
Begin Today

It’s NOT too Late

It’s never too late to improve your life. I have clients of all ages. You can change change the way you relate to your circumstances at any point of your life.

What Else Do People Say About Me?

First of all I will start with the favorite people in my life — my kids. It always makes a mom feel good to know your kids have something nice to say about you, right?

Yes, my kids really did say that I am an amazing listener and active in solving problems (if asked). I am a no-nonsense mom when it comes to accomplishing achievements. I am sensitive and empathetic, but also passionate and energetic.

My husband says I’m full of positive ideas and energetic optimism. He says I have a great interest in other people and love to hear about their lives. Okay, yes, I’m married to a superhero.

My clients say things like, I have the perfect words to say to someone going through tough times. I really make them think about what matters most and that I help them relate to things differently. One of my clients loves that she can discuss matters that are important to her.

You can make your life be what you want by addressing specific personal projects, business goals, and relationships. As we work together we will examine what is going on right now, discover what your obstacles are, and choose a course of action that moves you forward.

Begin Today to Create and Celebrate Your Own Successes