Don’t Skip On Life

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Skipping Through Life and Missing Something
Remember the childhood game of Hide and Go Seek? Think about what it was like when you looked for someone, didn’t see them, and then when you least expected it, they ran for home base before you could get there first. 
There is a part of you that loves to play Hide and Seek with you. It keeps you in the dark, neatly inside a box all nice and safe where you can’t see it. Unfortunately for those people who are temporary thinkers, they don’t like to see anything much outside of their own little box. Society says that if you don’t like what you see inside the box, you can easily climb out of the box and get into another box. This strategy will continually get in the way of you ever having and experiencing a full and enriching life. It’s one box after another in order to avoid risk. 
The box becomes such a part of how you relate to life that most people are totally unaware of how it affects you negatively over time. It’s like rotting from the inside without you ever knowing it’s there until it spills out into families, jobs and soon all meaningful relationships. Jobs, marriage and family life start to look like you are going from box to box.
Neither changing jobs, partners, homes, trading children nor changing clothes will help you attract a better life. In fact, continually changing boxes causes a lot of pain. There is agony in jumping from box to box. In turn, the safe thing to do causes you to become reluctant to love again, which causes emotional damage to yourself and your children. 
The only alternative many people see is to either jump ship, or tighten down the lid and stay put in a damaging and disappointing relationship. They learn to cope with an empty marriage by filling up with food, alcohol, work, television, drugs, outside activities and romantic fantasies that destroy rather than build. They also stay in jobs that hold no future for them. They would rather be the last one on the sinking ship than step out into new territory. The beaches may look bare, but the land just behind the berm may be the richest land you’ve ever experienced if you learn how to wisely use it’s resources. 
You’ll never know what it means to live a rich life until you get out of the box, or off the ship so you can take a look around.
The sooner you recognize when you’ve put yourself into a self-imposed box, the more you will have power to step outside the box and create the world of your choice from the inside out. This awareness gives you the stepping stones that allow you to skip through life, diving in with more power and enriching love.
If you’re the one hiding, waiting for someone to find you, it’s never going to happen. Feeling overwhelmed or replaceable can be discouraging and hopeless. 
It's your life, don't skip it! Living abundantly and raising your richness quotient is dedicating yourself to being richly responsible for how you want your life to go in spite of opposition.
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