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How to Avoid the Wrath of a Child
You did it! You finally said, “No, we’re not going to get that today” to your child. Good for you! Now you find yourself faced with a storm, a tirade and even open rebellion. That’s where I used to get into trouble. Let’s face it, with all those gizmos and gadgets available to purchase right before Christmas, there’s plenty of opportunity to appease the child, pull out the credit card and add to your pile of debt.
So, how do you face the wrath of a child? I say, make a list. Use the list as the bad guy. I used to tell my kids that if it’s not on the list, then it wasn’t coming home. You should have seen some of the things they started adding to the list. Cars, computers and even a new bedroom set. By then, though, the emotion of the moment wasn’t there, and it soon became a family joke. Making a list and checking it twice is great for sticking to your budget and learning to save for those wishful items. There’s nothing wrong with having to wait for what you really want.
It’s all about writing it down. Make your list right now. Ask your kids to make their list. Total up the costs and see if your budget can handle it. If not, put it on the “save for” list. If it’s important now it will be important a few weeks from now. If not, well, that’s just one more item you can cross of your list.
In the meantime, enjoy finding a new home for all those things you’re not using. There’s always someone in more need that you.

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