Why Work With Me

Coaching is different than giving advice. Coaching is asking the kinds of questions that encourage you to come up with your own advice. Ultimately you get to choose the kind of life you want to lead. My job is to get you to really think about how powerful you are so that you become your own leader.

You get to choose the process. Some of the ways we can do that is through specific projects, achieving business or personal goals, and developing valued relationships.

I invite you to ask questions, download and start using the power tools included on my blog. Take a step up to becoming fully responsible for your life rather than being a victim of your circumstances.

If you’re interested in high-level coaching, I’d be happy to have a conversation with you, exploring the possibilities available to you through personal coaching.

Why work with me?

–I’ve been coaching for over 15 years.
–I am a trained coach through Accomplishment Coaching.
–I am the owner of a multi-million dollar business.
–My five children have all completed post-graduate degrees.
–I’ve been working with a fantastic financial planner since 1991.
–I love to share ideas and learn new skills.
–I have directed, led, and performed in over 25 stage productions.
–I’ve read over 100 books on coaching and personal development.
–I continue to learn from my mistakes and practice what I preach.

Personal Coaching & Mentorship

LIFE… can get crazy sometimes for all of us. Having a coach in your corner is one of surest ways to achieve daily personal wins. Here are several ways we can work together.

Hire Me As Your Personal Coach
One-on-one coaching is where giant strides take place. I have limited time available, however, I’d love to talk with you and find out what works best for your situation.

Schedule a Mini-Coaching Session
I’m happy to have a conversation about where you want to go. Let’s find out what path you’d like to venture out on.

Join a Group or Take a Class
This is a fantastic way to get the support you need directly from me, as well as from a peer group of others who have the same success mindset. Sign up for the newsletter and you’ll get notification of when classes are available.

Start Using the Power Tools
Use the power of a new idea. Sign up for my newsletter, download the power tools and discover new resources and insights here on my website. Practice doing something stretching your comfort zone.

Connect With Others
Connect with me on Facebook. Ask positive, thought-provoking questions and interact with others.

Schedule a Mini Coaching Session

Group Coaching

Success Super Heroes
Success Super Heroes is a group coaching forum designed for high achievers. We open registration every once in a while, so get on the waiting list. Don’t miss the next opportunity to join the elite group of success-centered people. Group settings allow more interaction. Most of my groups are small, take place over a smaller and predictable time frame, and cost a fraction of Personal Coaching.

Personal Accelerator Success Systems
These are great options for those just starting out. They will be available when I get my new website up and running. Thank you for your patience. You can always contact me on my FaceBook page, too.

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Keynotes & Workshops

There are no dates currently available, but we will let you know when they are.

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