10 Healthy Holiday Tips

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It’s time to celebrate, enjoy being with the people you love. Sometimes we associate having a good time with having lots of food, but it’s more about quality instead of quantity. Here are some tips for you to take a step back before you dive into your food and spoil your beautiful health.

  1. Think about quality. Instead of eating everything in front of you, choose food you know you will enjoy.
  2. Keep your portions small. Choose a few of your favorite food and enjoy each delicious bite.
  3. Plan to exercise. Not only will exercise relieve stress, it will also offset the holiday treats. Take time for brisk walks and enjoy the outdoors.
  4. Eat healthy snacks. Before you leave for the party, eat a light and healthy snack so you won’t feel like overindulging in all that food.
  5. Survey the buffet. Instead of filling your plate with lots of food, take a moment to look at the whole table.  Choose your main dish and your healthy vegetables and fruits first.
  6. Watch your beverages. Alcohol can lessen inhibitions and induce overeating. Non-alcoholic beverages can be full of sugar and tons of calories. Stick to water, or try heating it up and flavoring it with cinnamon or ginger.
  7. Eat for satisfaction. Rather than stuffing yourself, eat slow, get comfortable and savor your small portions of holiday bliss.
  8. Focus on people. Instead of making candy and cookies, make wreaths, dough-art decorations, and gingerbread houses. Take a walking tour of some decorated homes with your family. Plan activities that bring people together to talk or play games.
  9. Bring your own healthy food with you. Make a delectable dish that you can share and enjoy healthy eating with others.
  10. Find healthier ways to fix your favorite food. Skim the fat off the gravy. Add more vegetables to the dressing. Use a sprinkle of powdered sugar rather than frosting.

Now choose one or two and go enjoy the holidays. Include the gift of health for yourself and everyone around you. There’s no need to restrict yourself as you focus on those people you love. Your mind and body will thank you.

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