15 Ways to Drive into 2019

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It’s a new year and with it comes a sweet anticipation that this will be a great year, right?

But what about it will be different than the way it’s gone in the past?

Here are 15 ways that you can drive down a more enjoyable road as you journey into this coming year.

1. Turn on your lights. Become more aware of the beauty around you. See the amazing sunlight in the eyes of others. Enjoy the rain on those rainy days.

2. Press down the gas pedal. Open your throttle and jump in to serve & nurture others. Notice that feeling of joy and satisfaction that comes from within.

3. Roll down the window. Thank the person next to you. Gratitude goes a long way when you express it from your heart.

4. Drive down a new road. Make a new plan and dream big. Give yourself every opportunity to do something great this year.

5. Bring a snack. As you are driving into this new year, remember that you are the best one to fill your needs. Eat your vegetables, exercise and be kind to yourself.

6. Plug in. Feed your soul and your mind with brand new thoughts regularly. You are not alone in your vision to make life great.

7. Unplug. Turn off the TV, radio, and other distractions. There is so much to notice when you spend moments unplugged from the noise.

8. Stop the car. Take regular mini vacations. Walk around the block, up in the mountains, or visit with an old friend. Soak in the tub, swim, dance, or simply wave your arms around.

9. Honk! Celebrate all your wins. There is nothing more satisfying than to give yourself kuddos and share your wins with others.

10. Forgive. Yes, people do make mistakes. There is no reason to beat yourself or others up for it over and over again. Let it go.

11. Repair. If old stuff keeps coming up, find out what needs to be repaired and do whatever you need to do to get going into your future.

12. Notice your !*#%&! feelings. It’s always easier to judge when we don’t see the whole picture. Notice your feelings and allow them to come and go.

13. Turn up the tunes. Good music can change a mood so turn up the music and dance.

14. Laugh out loud. Memorize 100 jokes and start telling them to others. You’ll find more smiles around you.

15. Kick a tire. Jump for joy, just for the fun of it.

Ready to start your journey? Make this year amazing!

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