3 Top Qualities of Great Leaders

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There are many reasons why you want to become an effective leader. Although being the leader of any kind of organization is a challenge, having the ability to be an effective leader inspires enthusiastic action for a greater cause. It doesn’t matter whether your organization is a business, a social club or a family, being the guide of a group of people requires a few surprising and specific characteristics that are easily developed. 
In a survey taken from the leaders of 500 top organizations, the most effective quality is first, trustworthiness, followed by sincerity and the capacity to inspire. Interestingly enough, out of 21 leadership qualities, likability and expertise are the least important. 
What do these findings have to do with you? If you want to get anything done that involves other people, your ability to have integrity is more important than getting other people to like you. One of the biggest mistakes that leaders make is “trying to lead without being on the frontlines setting an example.” 
Evidence shows that leading and managing are two different things. A manager has the skills to do the job, whereas a leader shows the way to a desired destination by developing trust, being sincere and inspiring others. Leaders find and grow quality assistants who want to move projects toward sustainable, satisfactory and successful goals. However, one of the biggest challenges facing leaders today is to find and keep skilled workers. Since everyone cannot be the head honcho, inspiration from a quality leader moves worthwhile objectives along much faster and easier. 
The desirable qualities of trustworthiness, sincerity and the capacity to inspire are reflected all the way from million-dollar deals to gathering the family together at the dinner table. When there is a sincere feeling of trust for the person leading the way, then cooperation and motivation come easily. People have an internal drive to be highly involved when their desire for autonomy, creativity and purpose is called forth by a motivating leader.
Developing the ability to be completely honest, authentic and inspiring can lead your organization through the toughest of challenges. One way to do this is to be financially congruent by paying off small debts immediately. Another way is to have the courage to communicate and listen for opportunities in stressful situations. 
The best leaders work to discover and effectively use other people’s natural talents. This brings personal pleasure, even to the most mundane tasks. As you become a better leader others will naturally gravitate toward a similar goal as they are influenced by your reliability and genuine inspiration. 

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