Who is Janet Richey?

And How Does She Know About This Stuff?

I know what it feels like to go from average and ordinary to amazing and motivated. Through my own successes and failures, I’ve learned how to better enjoy the second half of my life.
I came from a home where we didn’t have many resources, but I never felt like I was lacking. I discovered that “lack” is a story that doesn’t serve anyone.
As I supported my husband through dental school, I began to feel less valuable. Many times I felt alone as I raised my five children. When my husband graduated, we continued to have setbacks, yet I was determined to keep doing my best. I sought to raise my children to be self-sufficient and independent. As we continued to work and grow, soon we were able to see success.
Then our children started to leave home. “Wait! They don’t need me any more? Now who am I?”
That’s when I began to actively reach out to like-minded people. I looked for others who had joy, confidence and purpose beyond raising a wonderful family. Now I am at a powerful place where I know who I am and where I am going. The journey has been so rewarding and joyful that I cannot keep all that I had learned to myself, right?
That’s why I’m sharing what I’ve learned with you! When I discovered what I’m about to share with you, I felt like I had been handed a lifeline.
As you surround yourself with people you highly respect, it gives you hope and courage. I invite you to keep reaching out because, as you do your own work, you will become energized and a new light will shine in your eyes.
I can’t wait to see it!

My Goals Are Simple

***I’d like to show you how to claim responsibility for your own life. This will set you free!
***Let me guide you to where you can view your challenges as learning experiences.
***Use the tools here to assist you in resourcefully managing your whole self, body and spirit.
***Allow me to teach you fulfilling practices so you can enjoy more rewarding and loving relationships.
***Best of all is that through your process you can discover your own true purpose and potential.
It’s your turn to to create personal victories every single day.

Begin Today

What Else Do People Say About Me?

My children say things like “amazing listener, problem-solver, no-nonsense kind of mom, sensitive, empathetic, passionate and energetic.” After all that hard work I put in for them, that’s a great feeling to hear them say that about me!
Here’s what my clients say:
“I knew that SHE CARED about my well being. She often spent extra time helping me to overcome challenges I faced. She patiently listened and empowered me to take action for myself to become better.” ~Jared, CA
“She helped me recognize my inner core strengths and overcome many of my perceived weaknesses. She helped me bring out the real person that had been locked inside of me.” ~Bill, CA
“Janet knows her craft extremely well. She has an uncanny insight into what makes people tick. She really knows how to help others reach their true potential.” ~ Mark, CA
“Janet is an EXCEPTIONAL Personal Development Coach. In receiving her services, I successfully transitioned through two careers and a dating relationship, in which her coaching support was instrumental.” ~ Amy, AZ

Begin Today to Create and Celebrate Your Own Successes