Are You Prepared for a Disaster?

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My brother was calmly sitting outside on his porch when he saw disaster coming. In the distance he could see dust churning swiftly in front of a black storm cloud. Within a matter of minutes, he watched the freeway disappear, then the field, followed by the road. He ran inside just as the furious dust cloud engulfed his home. His family huddled together as the wicked storm violently ripped six large trees out of the ground just outside their window. Rooftops and debris scattered everywhere. Telephone poles toppled limply across the road. In a matter of seconds the wild winds went from a gentle breeze to 70 miles an hour.
We all know that natural disasters occur, and yet we think they’re not going to happen to us. However, when they do, it’s better to be prepared than to run around like a chicken wondering what to eat and drink, where to sleep and when you will see your dear family again. 
Knowledge is power, so without freaking out, now is the time to learn all you can about what you can do to better prepare yourself. That way you won’t be quite as worried and afraid when the earth starts shaking under your feet. Pull yourself together. Be brave. Be prepared.
Don’t Be One of Those Dummies
Did you know that 60% of Americans say that preparation for disasters is VERY important to them? Of course. However, only a staggering 17% of the American people claim to be truly prepared for an emergency situation. Seventeen percent! That’s stupid! 
Did I Say Stupid?
Yes, I did! Only stupid people wander around wondering who will come to save them. It doesn’t take much to be aware of the types of hazards that are predictable in your area: hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, wildfires, tornadoes, home fires, blackouts and biological threats. These things happen, folks!
One person needs at least a gallon of water per day to survive. If you think you’re going to find water in your neighbor’s pool, think again. Your neighbor may be asking you if they can have one of your 5-gallon water containers because his pool is contaminated. Get yourself a backpack and load it with essential items you need in an emergency. Don’t forget to add a few painkillers for the headaches you may be facing. Yes, you will have to rotate expired items in six months.
Suck It Up and Do It
It’s not hard to gather a few bottles of clean water, easy-to-eat food, sturdy shoes, an extra set of clothing and a plastic tube tent for shelter. Gather your stuff into one place so you can grab it and go. Make copies of your important documents and stick them in the side of your backpack with some small-change cash. Oh, and tomorrow? Communicate your plans with family members out of the state, so they don’t freak out. They may be able to help you from a distance.  
Even if everything around you is trashed, you’ll be glad that you and your family are safe and as prepared as possible.
No More Fears, Please
As you face your fears, I encourage you to take time to go to There you will find everything you need to be informed, make a plan, build a kit, get involved, protect your business and prepare for the safety of your kids. Before the electricity goes out, do a web search on Emergency Preparedness. You’ll find all kinds of companies ready to sell you cool stuff. It’s not expensive to be prepared, so don’t think you have to buy it all.
Today is the day to put your family emergency plan together. I challenge you to do it before the end of this month. It won’t take you long — and it will bring you peace of mind.
Remember! You can’t predict a disaster, but you CAN prepare.

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