Your Greatest Asset

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Are you hungry for success? We all are! Feeling successful starts with one fundamental asset.   You! Your success is almost exclusively dependent on how well you treat yourself. Yes, helping others is critical to connecting and building your network. However, if you’re not taking care of yourself there’s no way you can help others. Observe yourself.  Notice where you … Read More

How to Support Your Foundation

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When life starts throwing rocks at you, the natural thing to do is either dodge the rocks or throw them back. Either way, it takes a lot of time and energy. So MUCH time and energy that you start to get really tired. When my body gets tired, I feel overwhelmed with it all and it goes downhill from there. … Read More

How to Love Your Work

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Do you realize that it is a privilege to work? Do you know that the power to work gives you more energy and personal accomplishment? Have you noticed that the love of work is called success? Learn to love to work early in life When my father was young, he learned to love work by helping his mother raise chickens. … Read More

Failure: An Important Key to Success

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When you fail at something, it does NOT mean that YOU are a failure! It simply means that something didn’t work the way you wanted. You haven’t yet achieved success…in your eyes. A famous research scientist had made some very important medical breakthroughs. He was asked why he thought he was able to be so much more creative than the … Read More

Who Stole My Vacation?

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When I was a kid, we would go camping in the mountains for our vacation. I remember watching the clouds floating in the sky. At night my dad and I would take our flashlights and go hunting for that perfect place between the tall trees where we could see all those millions of stars. I was intrigued as I watched … Read More

Three Essentials of Leadership

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The best leaders are those people who have learned to be a good follower first. In fact, first, they learn to be a leader of themselves. We all started out as followers. We followed our parents and copied what they did. Then we followed our siblings, then others, learning what to do and what not to do. One day, we … Read More

Running On Empty?

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One day my to-do list was getting way out of control. There was more to do than I had time and I started to feel frantic. The reasonable thing to do is to run faster, so I was in the hurry-up mode. I noticed that I was hungry, but nothing in the refrigerator seemed appealing to me, so after I … Read More