Don’t Skip On Life

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Skipping Out? Or Hiding Out? 

Remember the game Hide-and-Go-Seek that you used to play when you were young? Remember when you were IT and out there looking for the others? Suddenly someone jumps out and runs past you before you can even think. You’re off and running, trying to catch them before they make it safely back to homebase.  I loved playing Hide and Seek in the dark.

What if you’ve learned to play Hide and Seek with your life?  Are you one of those people who waits until someone comes to find you. You keep waiting and waiting, but everybody else seems to not even notice that you’re still hiding.  Pretty soon you settle down, a little depressed, wondering why nobody cares. Actually, they probably don’t even notice.

Maybe you start to get comfortable and live inside your own little box, alone and safe. Pretty soon you get bored and climb out only to find that you’ve climbed into another box. You get bored again and climb into another box.

The idea of climbing into another box will continually get in the way of you ever having and experiencing a full and enriching life. It’s one box after another in order to avoid risk or failure.

Continually changing boxes can look like changing jobs, partners, homes, trading children and even changing clothes. You start to look for the next best box. Soon you to become reluctant to jump, so you try to endure where you’re at. There is very little joy or satisfaction going from box to box.

The next box then becomes such a part of how you relate to life — stuck in a box. You may be totally unaware of how it affects you negatively over time. It’s like a rumble from the inside without you ever knowing it’s there — until you lose it. Now you go into a rage and blame it all on somebody else like your family, your job and anyone else who never thought to come and find you.

There is another way.  As soon as you recognize when you’ve put yourself into another self-imposed box, go do something different — something that gives you purpose. Serve someone, upgrade your self-care, start managing your resources so they serve you and others.  These kind of purposeful actions give you a feeling of self-worth and power. You will see that it takes courage to step into a new arena, but now you are choosing to be responsible for your own world.

If you’re the one hiding, waiting for someone to find you, it’s never going to happen. You have to take initiative and action.

So, do something different today! If you’ve run out of ideas, call me for a spot coaching session and let’s get you back out into the game in a big, bold way.

It’s your life, don’t skip it!

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