Gratitude and Confidence, with a Generous Touch of Humility

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Goodness! Is it November already? This year seems to have flown by, which gives us the opportunity to take a deep breath and look into our lives and just get excited!

My husband and I got to spend a couple of days vacationing with my daughter and her family recently. We were able to talk, reminisce about the past, and discuss new possibilities for the future.

When we can acknowledge and appreciate growth in ourselves and others, through both tough and joyful experiences, it sure does make a difference in our attitudes toward each other.

So, why is gratitude so important to our growth and confidence?

Think about what you have done to be where you are today. What opportunities have YOU worked for that you can be grateful to yourself for your perseverance?

Think about others. Who were the people who influenced you positively, and negatively, along the way?

Can you be grateful for all of it?

I met a lady the other day who is still standoffish with me. I remembered how much it used to affect me, but it doesn’t have the same impact any more. I don’t need her to remind me of my worth.

I came away feeling very grateful and happy about my own growth in forgiveness and the ability to love as we are, and as we are not.

If you want to increase your personal confidence, then learn what it means to express gratitude, even to yourself for how far you’ve come.

Whether those opportunities are a career path, family related, or everyday things that happen to fall into your lap, your appreciation increases your personal confidence.

When you’re appreciative, and thus more confident, the world is your oyster!

You start to realize that the grass is really not any greener on the other side. It’s the same. YOU are the one that’s different. Those other circumstances aren’t yours to experience.

Be confident with what you have. Know that you deserve it! It’s your gift, so appreciate it.

Wake up every day grateful for the knowledge that you’re the only person who can do what you do in the way that you do it.

What you have is so precious, unique and fragile that your appreciation keeps it alive and breathing!

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