How to Cool Off in the Heat of Summer

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My husband read the weather forecast for the week, and it’s supposed to be in the hundreds all week long! Whoa! That means that our 4th of July party is going to be a hot one. 
I got online and started collecting some great ideas for outside water games. I'll share what I found with you.  
1. Have a Meltdown 
Collect all those tiny toys that are hanging around and freeze them in water. Give everyone a big glass and a pitcher of water. By drinking the water around the ice, have a contest to see who can get the toy melted first. The trick is that you have to drink the water used to melt the ice. That will keep everyone hydrated.
2. Buckets of Water 
Paint the sidewalk with water. Guess what each other’s pictures are before they evaporate. 
3. Sprinkler Jumprope 
Do you remember how to jump rope? Now try doing it in the sprinklers. 
4. Water Baseball  
Fill up buckets of water for the bases. In order to be “safe,” your foot has to be in the water. Home base is a slip and slide. Make a big splash as you slide into home base. 
5. Water Limbo 
Turn on the hose. A stream of water from the hose becomes the “stick” for a lofty game of limbo. Watch out! You may get a face full of water. 
6. Bike Car Wash 
Fill up buckets of water. Bring out all the riding toys and wash them in the water while having lots of fun. 
7. Ball Blast 
Use ropes to make a circle in your lawn. Place balls of various sizes and weights inside. Place someone outside the circle and challenge them to push the balls outside the roped area with the water. This is a great way to water your lawn. 
8. Balloon Babies 
Fill up a water balloon and draw a face on the balloon. Let the little kids know this is their new baby. See how long they can take care of their baby before it breaks. Hopefully, they won't get too attached. 
9. Sponge Soaked 
Transfer water from one bucket to another only using the sponge. Whoever can fill their bucket first is the winner. This is a great game for teams. Line them up and let them run back and forth from bucket to bucket as they pass the sponge to the next person. 
10. Ping Pong Basketball 
Float an inner tube or two in the pool. Throw a bunch of ping-pong balls in the water. Retrieve the balls and toss them into the tube. Whoever gets the most ping-pong balls in their tube gets the first ride on the inner tube.  
I'd love to hear which games you played and who got the wettest! Have a fun summer and enjoy the beautiful outdoors!

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