How to Love Your Work

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Do you realize that it is a privilege to work?

Do you know that the power to work gives you more energy and personal accomplishment?

Have you noticed that the love of work is called success?

Learn to love to work early in life

When my father was young, he learned to love work by helping his mother raise chickens. He would tell us stories about how he and his brothers cleaned out the chicken coop. He shared his experiences about gathering the eggs, processing, and helping deliver them.

One day he ran into the electric light while he was washing out the chicken coop and suddenly found himself flat on his back. Those chickens taught my father how to work. His work also showed him the power of electricity. Raising and selling chickens, and their eggs, provided a way to feed the family.

When you’re young, you set patterns that you will continue for the rest of your life. If those patterns of work are solid, rewarding ones, then your life’s work will be meaningful and worthwhile.

If the patterns you learn as a youth bring you frustration, laziness, or lack of motivation, then do not despair, because YOU have the power to change old patterns. Any habits that are not preparing you to love your work can be improved.

Get excited because change takes work!

Discover what you love to do and develop new skills

There are so many resources available to help you discover your life’s work. Since you are the steward of your resources, then you are in charge of your own education, career development, financial health, and the use of all the other resources available to you. Resources can be found online, at a college, in a trade school, and job apprenticeships.

Finding work you love takes work!

If there is something that you don’t know and want to learn about, have the courage to ask for help. People love to tell you all about what they love about their work when you ask. If they don’t like their job, ask them what they would do differently.

The best way to find out what you love to do is to observe, shadow or interview people who are already doing what you think you would like to do. Ask them what they like about their jobs, what they had to do to get where they are, and would they do it again.

My husband loves it when someone asks if they can shadow him at work. That means they are actively looking to discover all they can about the job to find out if this is what they would love to do.

I met a person who studied for eight years to become a dentist. After making a good amount of money, he then decided that he wanted to be an airline pilot. He made a change and loves his new job.

I also know a teacher who couldn’t support his family on a teacher’s wage. He went back to school and became an attorney. Now he loves teaching his clients about ways to work with the laws of the land. He gets paid a lot more for doing what he loves.

Prepare yourself for the future

Loving your work means that you are prepared for your future. Think about your current circumstances and the resources you can manage. Consider the following questions:

–Do you know how long you would last without a job?
–What is your plan if the electricity were to go out for a couple of weeks? What work will need to be done?
–Do you currently have a budget, live within your income, and have a plan to get out of debt?
–Do you have a stable plan for your retirement and your health?

You have the capability to come up with a plan for each of these scenarios. Using your assets wisely gives you a feeling of power and security. Being dependent on someone else for a while is not a bad thing. But, if you want a sense of peace, then work to put together a plan for the future.

Your ability to work, love work, and build your assets is in your power. Learn to use your resources wisely. When resources run out, you are also the one responsible for working your plan to recover from your difficulties.

When I was about 10 years old, I had saved enough money to buy my mother a birthday gift. I rode my bike all the way downtown and chose a potted flower I thought she would like. I took the flower pot up to the cashier. He kindly told me that I had just enough money, but there was an extra cost for taxes. He generously allowed me to take the flower home.

But, I didn’t want to be in debt! So, I rode my bike all the way home and back again that same day so I could pay off my first outstanding bill.

Your work serves you and others

Your work is also to help others with their resources. When you have communities working together, great things happen. Relationships are forever changed for the better. It takes courage to be open to the ideas of others, but the end result can be very gratifying.

There was a man who worked in a factory. His job was to take bolts and secure them onto a nut of a Ford Model T car. One day a friend asked him, “Don’t you get tired of doing the same thing over and over again?”

He answered, “Each time I see a Model T drive by, I think of my bolts and how much safer the car is because of my excellent work.” Though your work may be simple, it can have a profound effect on the people you serve and your own sense of contribution and self-worth.

Sharing your love of the work you do makes our communities stronger. We all benefit when we work together. As you seek your life’s work, visualize how it will serve others and make their lives better. Your work is a vital way to contribute to your own sense of worth and satisfaction.


There is a palpable feeling of power and satisfaction you get when you accomplish success on your own or with a highly motivated team. Personal enjoyment comes quickly when you step up and practice new skills.

Watch how happy a child is when they do something new on their own. You can create that same feeling over and over again as you see your love for work as a powerful, privileged pathway to a lifetime of success.

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