If You’re Not Happy, Then What?

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When you were little, there were no limits to what you wanted to be when you grew up. Everything you thought about doing was something that you believed would make you happy. We all want happiness. The problem is discovering that many times we are not happy.

What happened? What is it that brings us lasting joy and happiness?

Most of us don’t wake up and say to ourselves, I am going to make my life miserable today. Yet, many of us complain that our life is not exactly what we expected. We justify our joy by wishing for better weather, better relationships, better jobs, etc.

Don’t compromise your future. Let’s find out what makes you truly and lastingly happy.

Find Something to Be Grateful For

It would be nice to experience the feeling of waking up every morning thinking how lucky you are. The way you think affects how you spend your time, talent and energy. What you give out comes right back at you. In other words, if you don’t feel happy, ask yourself what you are putting out there. It’s not other people’s job to make you happy. It’s not even the weather’s job to bring joy to your doorstep because you would probably miss it if you’re not looking for it.

Don’t Expect Others to Read Your Mind

I used to think that my husband was supposed to read my mind. I mean, don’t you think he should know what makes me happy after 38 years of marriage? The truth is that he is just like the rest of us and he spends most of his time thinking about himself. Why do we do that? Because we are the center of our own universe. If you don’t take care of yourself and go get what you want (even ask for it), then you’re going to miss out on a lot of joy.

Take Care of Precious YOU

It’s true that your first priority is taking care of yourself in a way that is kind, grateful and loving. Instead of trying to stomp out anything that is not part of your personal plan (like cursing the weather or the dog), spend more energy in prioritizing what truly gives you vitality and joy. This one practice will make you happy and grateful to be alive.

Take a New Action Today

Now that you’re all grown up, find some new dreams and make a new plan. The plan isn’t going to bring happiness, though. It’s implementing the plan that brings a smile to your face. The anticipation is worth all the plans. Take an action toward your goal today, even if it’s saving a few dollars for that big trip you plan to take in the future. It’s a first step!

So… what makes you happy?

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