On the Best Dads in the World Forever

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20 Ideas for Dads
Even though it was the middle of winter, Sarah put on her beach clothes that morning and headed out to the family room. There she found her little sister tossing a balloon over a string tied between two chairs. She was practicing for the the upcoming balloon version of a volleyball game. Sarah’s dad was joking about putting on sunscreen even though it was raining outside. Sarah could hear “fun in the sun” music and starting dancing around the room with her favorite dad.
These are the kinds of shared activities that bring a family closer together. Even a teenager will start to smile as you serve their favorite food on a beach blanket spread out on the floor.   
You’re the star, Dad! Mom doesn’t have a corner on the market for great family activities. Dad, you come up with some of the most adventuresome and craziest ideas, too. You will be remembered as “The Best Dad in the World Forever” when you initiate the fun. 
I felt connected when my dad insisted that we eat together at least once a day. My brothers and I still sing some of our parents “good old” music. My husband made sure that somebody worked with him on the chores so he could finish in half the time. 
Hey!  All you Dads out there! Remember that you carry security and authority with your manly muscles and booming voice. Make it work to the advantage of your precious family as you bring fun into your world.
Here are more ideas to spark a memorable summer. 
Family talent show
Family cookout
Ping Pong
Tic-Tac-Toe challenge
Origami tutorials
Writing letters to each other
Book club night
Building forts
Karaoke night
Chalk drawings on the sidewalk
Papier-mâché night
Making play-dough animals
Finger-painting art show
By the way, thanks for being “The Best Dad in the World Forever!”
Happy Father's Day from your coach,
P.S. If you're not a Dad reading this, forward it to a Dad you care about.

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