Seven Ways to Treat Yourself to the Holidays

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Food and the holidays to go together like family.

Which is why it’s so easy to over-indulge in the scrumptious food that surrounds you. The holidays are a time to celebrate, right? A little taste here and a few licks there.

Then the feeling of too many treats starts creeping up. After you notice that guilty feeling, give yourself a break and savor the moment.

Then make a few fun choices that will curb the cravings and feed your soul. Start by asking Santa for some pre-Christmas gifts. You have my permission to give yourself one free gift every day of the week from now until January. Here are a few good ideas:

1. Ask for a foot rub from someone special.

2. Schedule yourself a massage.

3. Take a friend with you to the gym and try out a new piece of equipment. Have a few laughs over it.

4. Find some sunshine and soak it up. Either that, or go make a snow angel.

5. Cozy up to a fire with something warm and delicious like a good book or a sappy movie.

6. Butter up some vegetables. Hey, it’s the holidays! A little butter helps the veggies go down.

7. Sleep in at least once a week. This one is my favorite!

Now that’s what I call keeping the spirit of the holidays! When you do something nice for yourself, let us know what you did and help brighten everybody’s holiday mood.

Happy holidays!

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