Success Is More Than an Action Word

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It’s getting the vision out of your head and into the minds of those who can give life to your idea.

My friend told me that her vision of success was to hold a class and teach others how to manage their time better. She said it would be a free class and she even had a room she could use. But then, nothing happened. For weeks, she would pass by that room, remember that she wanted to teach the class, and do nothing about it.

When she told me about her goal, she expressed many reasons why it wasn’t working and how life seemed to be getting in the way. Finally, she just wasn’t sure what to do next.

I asked her to describe her first day teaching the class. For the next 20 minutes, she told me what kind of people would be there, the materials she wanted to hand out, and the kinds of things she would teach.

Then I asked her to briefly describe what the students would get out of the class. She thought about it.

“They would come away from the class motivated because they now know exactly how to plan their time better. The class members would be so motivated that they would begin the very next day.”

It was a monumental moment for her! She was fired up and ready to jump into action.

Even the most organized of us can have a difficult time taking our creative ideas and putting them into a workable plan. A good intention that stays in our head will roll around and soon lose its savor. Sometimes you’ll even forget about it until someone else is doing it and you wish you’d have taken some action.

If you have a good idea and an action plan, even that is not enough to get a project started. Other people have thoughts and propositions that can be a great addition to your original idea. Their resources and support can be the catalysts you need to get moving and stay in action.

The power is in sharing your vision. You will know right away if your idea is a good one because the best ones roll out of your mouth with enthusiasm and, with a quality listener, will be received with even greater zeal. You’ll need someone on the other side, openly listening and asking questions that help you think about your options. A trained coach can be a great resource. As you describe your idea, it will get better when you have someone who has a keen interest in your success.

Now, my friend has a date set for her class to start. She outlined a list of the people she will call to join her, and the times when she will call them. She has printed out all her materials, ready to be handed out.

I’m over here, cheering her on!

To get your plans and schemes into motion, share your vision with friends who will give you helpful feedback. Good ideas are worth exploring, and there are people out there who can only hear it from you.

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