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Warning: Don't Leave Your Health Behind
I just returned from a trip to see some of my children who live across the country. The best part of the trip was playing with the grandkids. I am very grateful for my health so that I CAN play. Making healthy choices while you’re away from home allows you to return in better shape and even better spirits.
The worst part of a trip is when you don’t feel good. Going on a trip, even a field trip, can easily knock you off your routine. It seems like you just get into a good healthy groove at home, then you go on vacation. That’s when everything seems to get all out of whack.  
Vacations are supposed to be fun!  Feeling great so you can play full out is worth the extra time it takes to prepare for a fantastic trip. It’s not always easy or even possible, but stay as close as you can to the same level of healthy food and exercise on your trip as you do at home.   
Here are some practical tips to do yourself good while you’re out and about. Make your trips a time to play and have fun!  
Bring fruit, nuts and granola bars along for the ride. 
Keep up your water intake and focus less on the sugary beverages.
When eating out, make at least one healthy choice.
Plan a few meals before you get to your destination. Make a quick stop at the local grocery store when you arrive.  You can save money by fixing a few of your own meals.
Don’t skip meals just so you can have a large dinner. Have a healthy, light breakfast that has some protein to keep you fuller longer. Eat a light lunch and a few healthy snacks so you won’t be nearly as hungry or grouchy by dinner time. 
Research the local restaurants with your phone apps. These apps are very helpful in finding tasty and quality food. 
Bring a jump rope with you. Turn on some music while you jump and march around your hotel room.
Bring your goggles so you can swim laps in the hotel pool. It’s nice and relaxing.
Get your heart pumping by adding brisk walks to your explorations. 
Resistance bands are easy to tuck into your suitcase. They help keep your muscles balanced from lifting all those heavy suitcases.
Enjoy your trip while you acquire a taste for the local culture. Enjoy a nice nap on a calm afternoon, too.

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