The Secrets of a Happy Heart

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For over 40 years, more than 75,000 heart transplant operations have taken place. When the heart is first transplanted, the body thinks the new heart is foreign and immediately begins to attack it. Left unmonitored, the body will naturally reject a new, donor heart and will die. Fortunately, medicines have greatly improved to suppress this natural response. This amazing procedure was dubbed by Time Magazine as the “ultimate operation.”

But, did you know that some patients become casual about their new heart? They miss a dose of their medicine here and there. They don't do the necessary follow-up tests! They feel good and assume that all is well. This risky attitude puts them in further danger of shortening their life.

As you consider this example of a the physical heart, what about the emotional and spiritual state of the heart? Just as any signs of rejection with a transplanted heart must be dealt with right away, any changes to your internal well-being also needs diligent monitoring so timely treatment can be rendered.

A thoughtful answer to the question “How are you?” can be a tender tool to determine the health of your heart. Take advantage of opportunities for emotional heart examsd.
Notes tucked into your child's backpack.
Asking for and giving a much-needed hug. 
Expressing heartfelt appreciation to your husband.

All of these actions may be just the recommended dose to keep your heart happy and healthy.

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