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I’m going on a trip to see my kids and look forward to the adventure, but there are some things I’m not looking forward to and packing is one of them. I’ve traveled enough to know that there are ways to make a trip much more enjoyable.
When you travel anywhere this summer, here are some great ideas.
Make a travel list. Don’t rely on your memory when you’re in the last few hours before take-off. Start a list today of all the things you’ll need to do and pack before your trip. Print your list out and add items to it as you think about them. Then save the list for your next trip. I’ll share mine with you, and you can revise it to suit your needs. Janet’s Travel List
Don’t over pack. It’s so tempting to bring more than you need. Even so, it’s such a pain to haul it around. Having fewer options to choose from will make your trip a lot easier, plus take less time to figure out what you’re going to wear. Less stuff will leave room for those extra things you’ll want to buy while you’re out and about.
Check the baggage policy. Most airlines charge for luggage these days, and they charge even more for an overweight item. Check the prices on the airline’s website ahead of time. Do yourself a big favor by weighing your bag before you leave home.
Pack valuables in your carry-on. One time I knew I didn’t need my house keys on the trip, so I stuck them in my suitcase. When I got home, I had to unpack my bags and find the keys in the dark before I could get into my own house. This is not a good idea. Keep your valuables like your wallet and any expensive jewelry with you, just in case your bag gets lost in transit.
Wear large items. If you have to take that big jacket with you, wear it instead of packing it. This gives you additional room in your suitcase. You can always stash the jacket in the overhead once you get on the airplane. I’ve even heard of people who wear extra layers of clothing, just so they don’t have to pack it.
Check flight status. Checking in online, updates on your phone app, or receiving a text about your flight status is a dream come true. It’s not fool-proof, but it’s one way to keep up-to-date without asking the airline attendants what is going on.
Be prepared for security. Don’t be THAT person who has to dump out their pockets and dig through their carry-on for ID, keys, liquid bottles, and laptops. Lower the tension level by keeping them all in an easy-to-grab spot. You’ll then be able to smile at TSA.
Rely on yourself. It’s nice when other people make your travel plans (i.e. travel agent, spouse). However, you’re still the one who is actually traveling. Take time to review your itinerary check-in dates and times. Plan driving time, snacks and things to do when there’s nothing to do.
Now go have fun!
P.S. My son shared a cool site called It's a website where you can easily compare travel options. I’m enjoying all the technology and now I’ll enjoy my trip.
You, too!

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