Why Have a Morning Routine

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When I wake up in the morning, my brain is never fully engaged. There are things I want to do, but really, do I have the brain power to think about what they are when I’m not quite awake?

Some of the things that I want to get out of the way. Before I start on my big projects, I want to be sure that some of the little ones are completed. That way I’m not continually wondering what I’m missing or why the morning isn’t going so well.

That’s the power of a morning routine. All successful people have things they do every day that include simple things like brushing their teeth and making their bed. It’s not that difficult to create a routine, but why reinvent the wheel every single morning?

Whenever you want to increase your personal power, choose a new habit and establish a routine around it.

Most People Are the Most Productive in the Morning

Waking up early is a success habit of nearly all leaders. The high-powered people don’t leave things to chance. They get moving because they know the direction they are headed.

A simple routine may feel like it gets in the way — until you find a huge cavity in your tooth and have to take time to go to the dentist. Whereas, if you had been regularly brushing your teeth or having your 6-month hygienist appointment, then you may not even need to see the dentist or have that painful toothache.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that posting your morning routine keeps you ahead of the game.  Creating a small list of things that are not a habit yet right where you see it every time you wake up gives you a jumpstart on a very productive day.

Setting Up a Routine Creates Longer Productivity Times

Once you get all those small details out of the way, you’re usually on fire because you get a buzz of accomplishment.  Now you’ll feel like kissing your spouse, savoring your breakfast and connecting with the people you love. Why? Because you’ve already taken great care of yourself.

Taking care of yourself is like filling your cup or putting on your own oxygen mask first before helping others.  When we don’t take care of those priorities, then we are of no good to others around us. We tend to feel like others are a burden because we feel burdened ourselves. Don’t wait for pain or negative interactions to be your motivator.

No more hitting the snooze on your alarm!

If you’re in the habit of snoozing the alarm clock, then set it for a later time and allow yourself to rest. Once that alarm goes off, act like you’re a space rocket and do a countdown. Blast out of bed like you mean it and see how quickly you can get your morning routine list completed.

Think about it. If you’re still tired in the morning, you may need to get to bed a few minutes earlier.  But, that snooze button is procrastination at it’s finest hour. If you need to, put the clock on the other side of the room so you have to get out of bed. Tack a smiley face on it and give it a grin instead of groan. It’s your life, so enjoy it from the very beginning of the day.

This Gives You an Opportunity to Prioritize and Organize

These quick routines mean you can stack up your priorities and complete a lot of the most important things in a single block of time.

When you think of how life is without a schedule, it’s an easy way to get to the end of the day and realize that you didn’t get anything done that was very important. That’s no fun at all!

I have a list of ALL the things I want to do, but that’s the long list. My best tool is to decide on my Top 5 things that I want to do that day only.  I am the most productive when I put the item with the highest priority at the top of my list. My Top 5 List is on My Morning Routine. I take a quick look at my calendar and scribble out my Top 5 List in 2 minutes or less.

One of my tendencies is to allow less time than it actually takes to do a task or finish a project. For this reason, I make sure that I am happy if I only get the first few items on my Top 5 done. Make your Morning Routine work for you and don’t change it for a few months until it becomes a happy habit.

Habits Create Energy

There are so many choices of things you can do in one day that making your morning list could become cumbersome. So limit your Morning Routine List to 5 or 6 items until you have those mastered. This will give you added energy because it is achievable, rather than overwhelming.

The trick is to choose tasks that bring a sense of gratification or reward. When I look at my smile every day because I brush my teeth, that gives me a feeling of personal pride.  I can now confidently flash my smile all day long and not even think about it.

Your turn!

Download my ideas for a Morning Routine List.


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